Nestra Nestra
Health 603(+41)
Health Regen 1.8(+0.12)
Mana 288(+10)
Mana Regen 3.25 (+0.067)
Damage 54(+2.485)
Attack Speed 0.9
Armor 10 (+1.5)
Magic Armor 10 (+1.5)
Movement Speed 330
Attack Range 500
Turn Rate 900
Role buff, area control


Chester is a misinformed but smug keyboard warrior from Reddit. A distant cousin of Queen Boxxy, he harbors a secret ambition to ascend to the throne of The-Website-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Until then, he feigns feigning intelligence as a jester in Boxxy's court, using his position to keep an eye on the royal lady and develop a long-term strategy of attack. He relishes any opportunity to potato and strategic aCUMen against challengers in the Trials.


Specializes in allied allies and controlling control


March On Mana Cost: 95 Cooldown: 23/20/17/14 seconds Range: 700 Radius: 200 
March On
Target allied hero to grant them maximum movement speed and slow immunity for 2 seconds. Enemies they pass through within 200 radius take 80/110/140/170 Magic Damage.

Cast time 0.25s. Max Speed is 600

Mimic Mana Cost: 85/90/95/100 Cooldown: 12 seconds Range: 600 Radius: 350 
Target an enemy hero to create an illusion of them for 4 seconds. Illusion deals 20/25/30/35% of the target's damage and takes double damage.

When the illusion expires or is killed, it explodes for 100/140/180/220 Magic Damage.

Cast time 0.3s.

King Me! Mana Cost: 100/110/120 Cooldown: 75 seconds Range: 900 Radius: 150 
King Me!
Target an allied hero to grant them 40% damage reduction, and create a link between them and Chester for 10s. Link deals 90/120/150 Magic Damage per second to enemies.

Cast time 0.3s. Line snaps if >2000 units apart.




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