Combat Type Boss
Health 6357
Mana Regen 10
Damage /40
Armor 50
Magic Armor 50
Movement Speed 270
Sight Range
Attack Range 180/800 (Melee/Ranged)
Missile Speed
Base Attack Time 1s
Turn Rate 320
Gold 850 Gold
Experience 250

Cindara is a servant of the Oracles.

Cindara witnessed the Oracles give birth to Strife. Much later, with the onset of the Trials of Strife, she released Krytos, the sentinel pet of the deceased Keeper Fobus.[1]


Cindara is a boss level neutral creep located on the bottom right quadrant of the Arena of Strife.

Summons Krytos after 45s of delay on the lane chosen. Respawns 6 minutes later.


  • Patch 0.2.45
    • Now respawns after 6 minutes, down from 7 minutes.


  1. 2014-08-28, Strife Open Beta: The Trials Begin. YouTube, accessed on 2014-09-25

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