Gael Gael
Health 708(+52)
Health Regen 3.08(+0.22)
Mana 240(+10)
Mana Regen 2.9(+0.06)
Damage 63(+2.93)
Attack Speed 0.9
Armor 10 (+1.5)
Magic Armor 20 (+2.5)
Movement Speed 350
Attack Range 180
Turn Rate 900

Claudessa is a hero in Strife.


Claudesssa was the first female member of the Knights of Claudus in Gael, an order of knights who prided themselves on being the first line of defense against dragon attacks (a rare but dire occurrence in northern Gael). She lost a hand slaying a dragon and now has the magical dragon's claw on a staff as her primary weapon.



Dragon's Reach Mana Cost: 95/100/102/110 Cooldown: 14/12/10/8 seconds Range: 800 Radius: 220 
Dragon's Reach
Target direction to damage enemies in a line for 80/105/130/155 Magic damage. At max range, a dragon will erupt from the ground, knocking enemies 400 units toward you, deals 24/31.5/39/46.5 more Magic damage

(0.35+0.3)s cast time. Enemies are "stunned" for 0.75s

Dragon's Shield Mana Cost: 80/90/100/110 Cooldown: 14 seconds Range: 600 
Dragon's Shield
Passively grants 6/9/12/15% armor & magic armor. Target ally to heal for 100/135/170/205 Health and transfer your shield to them for 5s.

(0.7+0.2)s cast time. Can doubleactivate to cast on nearest ally hero within 700 range. Shield travels at 3000 speed.

Dragon's Claw Cooldown: 11/9/7/5 seconds Range: 500 
Dragon's Claw
Passively causes your next attack to deal 20/30/40/50 bonus attack damage and splash in front of you. Targets hit are slowed by 20% for 2.5 seconds.
Scorched Earth Mana Cost: 90/105/120 Cooldown: 135 seconds Radius: 350 
Scorched Earth
For the next 8 seconds, the ground around you will burn, damaging enemies for 38/50/62 Magic damage per second and lowering power by 9/12/15%. Trail lasts for 3s


  • Patch 0.4.0
    • Dragon's Reach: Should no longer hit targets after the impact time.
  • Patch 0.2.44
    • Scale Shield: Now gives 6/9/12/15 armor & magic armor. No longer gives percentage based damage reduction
    • Scorched Earth: Now lasts 8 seconds. Deals damage over 8 seconds, down from 10
  • Patch 0.2.36
    • Lowered Claudessa's starting health to 708, from 766
    • Lowered Claudessa's max level health to 1435 from 1542
    • Dragon's Reach:
      • Slowed down slightly; harder to land the knock back
        • (projectile speed lowered from 1200 to 900)
    • Scorched Earth:
      • Trail now lasts 3 seconds, from 4
  • Patch 0.2.35
    • Dragon's Reach:
      • Reduced damage to 80/105/130/155 from 90/120/150/180. Fixed tooltip to Inform player of extra popup damage. (Popup damage is now 104/136.5/169/201.5 from 117/156/195/234)
      • New cast indicator which more clearly shows the impact area for the knock back
      • Fixed a bug where the bonus damage at the end of Dragon's Reach wasn't scaling with power
      • Fixed a bug where it was possible to take the bonus damage from Dragon's Reach, but not the base damage
    • Dragon Claw: Cooldown increased by 1 second at all levels
    • Scorched Earth:
      • Initial damage has been removed
      • Damage over time has been increased to 30/40/50 from 24/32/40
  • Patch 0.2.34
    • Hero introduced


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