Cooldown reduction is a bonus stat which can be received by buying Rune BootsWizard's Hourglass or Runed Scepter. It reduces the cooldowns of the hero's spells, active items, and even pet abilities (including the passive).

Cooldown Reduction StackingEdit

Cooldown reduction stacks multiplicatively: 

If an hero has both Rune Boots and Wizard's Hourglass, total cooldown reduction will be calculated as follows:

100% - 100% * ( 1 - 0.15 )(Rune Boots CDR) * (1 - 0.25) (Wizard's Hourglass CDR) = 36.25% cooldown reduction ( instead of 40% if it would stack additively)

Max cooldown reduction from all 3 CDR items will be 45.37%

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