Gael Gael
Health 640(+44)
Health Regen 1.91(+0.13)
Mana 240(+1))
Mana Regen 2.96(+0.09)
Damage 54(+2.49)
Attack Speed 1
Armor 10 (+1.5)
Magic Armor 10 (+1.5)
Movement Speed 330
Attack Range 550
Turn Rate 900
Role Attack Damage, Anti-Carry

Fetterstone, Haunted Gunslinger of Gael, real name Lorne, is a dwarf from Gael who fights using dual pistols.


Lorne was a miner dwarf in the gem mines of Fetterstone Mountain. He was a simple miner, never longing for adventure or a life outside of the mines. But gems were his weakness, and he often yearned for more, many more in fact, than he had.

On a fateful day, Lorne entered into a small unexplored cavern in the mine and a glimmer caught his eye. He unearthed two mysterious weapons infused with dazzling gems. Astonishingly, they spoke to Lorne in a mental whisper. "Take us. We are yours. This is your destiny." The lure of the gems was unrelenting. Lorne took up the weapons, called Glimmer and Glint, and left the mines.

Some weeks later, news of a gunslinging dwarf with mystical powers began to surface in northern Gael. Those who told the tales said the gunslinger called himself Fetterstone, after the mines of dwarf rock, and that he executed lethal justice upon any he deemed to be evildoers. Some even said he was a haunted soul, fallen deep under the influence of some vengeful spirit, with magical weapons that held him spellbound to their dark will.[1]


Fetterstone uses his two guns to slay his enemies. He excells at chasing enemies down. He also has a passive that steals enemies power every time he does damage to them.


Crystal Shot Mana Cost: 45/50/55/60 Cooldown: 2 seconds Range: 800 Radius: 35 
Crystal Shot
Target direction to fire a crystal. Upon hitting an enemy, the crystal explodes in an area dealing 50/65/80/95 Magic damage, applying a 2s tapering 90% slow and reducing Armor by 17/26/33/40.
Splinter Shield Mana Cost: 90 Cooldown: 16 seconds Range: 800 
Splinter Shield
Activate to apply a shield equal to 15/20/25/30% of your max HP for 6 seconds

If the shield survives the duration, it explodes - sending a shard at the nearest enemy hero within 800 range, dealing 105/140/175/210 Magic damage. If no enemy within 800 range, it will damage the nearest non-idle enemy unit. Will cause tower aggro.

Power Hungry
Power Hungry
Your basic attacks passively steal 13/14/15/16% power from enemy heroes for 4 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

Passively grants 8/15/27/39 power

Explosive Rounds Mana Cost: 90/100/110 Cooldown: 75 seconds Radius: 400 
Explosive Rounds
Activate to equip Fettersone's special ammunition. For the next 9 attacks, Fetterstone deals 30/40/50% bonus attack damage with 50% splash damage. Expires after 2m


  • Patch 0.4.7
    • This game is dead
  • Patch 0.4.5
    • This game is dead
  • Patch 0.2.44
    • This game is dead
    • This game is dead
    • This game is dead
    • This game is dead
  • Patch 0.2.36
    • This game is dead
    • This game is dead
  • Patch 0.2.35
    • This game is dead
    • This game is dead
      • This game is dead
    • This game is dead
  • Patch 0.2.34
    • This game is dead


  1. 2014, Fetterstone. S2 Games, accessed on 2014-05-25
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