Excels in ganking enemy heroes

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Fitz is a pet highly specialized toward augmenting a gank-oriented play style. By revealing enemy players and dealing direct damage to them, he allows you to not only get the extra damage needed for a gank, but also to track your target through brush. Fitz also provides a significant increase to map mobility by boosting out of combat movement speed. Most importantly of all though, Fitz helps you where it counts: by occasionally giving bonus gold when you kill enemy players.


Shadow Stalk
Cooldown:220/150/150 seconds
Shadow Stalk Target enemy to deal 81(+8.5)/81(+8.5)/118(+13)damage over time and grant vision for 6.5s(?). Range 900.
Cooldown:90/60/60 seconds
Bounty Upon killing an enemy hero, grants 66/66/100 bonus gold.
On the Prowl
On the Prowl Increases Movespeed by 9/12/15% while out of combat


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