Tempra Tempra
Health 603(+41)
Health Regen 1.8(+0.12)
Mana 240(+10)
Mana Regen 2.64(+0.085)
Damage 54(+2.495)
Attack Speed 0.9
Armor 10 (+1.5)
Magic Armor 10 (+1.5)
Movement Speed 325
Attack Range 500
Turn Rate 900

Harrower, Hunter of the Grendlefang is a hero of Tempra. He is a physical damage dealer.


As a grendlefang, Harrower unwillingly destroyed his hometown. Back in his humanoid form, unaware of his actions, he sought to slay the beast that had destroyed his village. Enlisting the help of another village's strongest warriors, they headed out. Come nightfall, they camped on the edge of Harrower's destroyed hometown. The warriors by this point had come to question the beast's appearance until Harrower, again in grendlefang form, attacked and killed them. Come dawn, back in his humanoid form, Harrower awoke amongst the bodies of the fallen. Mourning the loss of his comrades, he pushed on, determined to slay the beast...[1]

Later, Harrower participated in the Trials of Strife. By this stage he appeared to have gained control over his transformations.[2]


Harrower is an attack damage hero who switches between ranged and melee forms. Extremely mobile, Harrower is able to chase enemies very effectively and escape unfavorable fights.[2] Harrower excels at both kiting his enemies and hunting them down aggressively. In order to play Harrower to perfection, a player must alternate between forms, adapting to new combat situations as they arise.[3]


Predator Strike Mana Cost: 70 Cooldown: 12/10/8/6 seconds Range: 350 
Predator Strike
Activate to dash toward your cursor. Your next attack deals 30/45/60/75 bonus Attack damage.
Spirit Companion Mana Cost: 105 Cooldown: 15 seconds Range: 1200 Radius: 1500 
Spirit Companion
Summon a Spirit Wolf to attack the closest enemy hero. Wolf deals 45/70/95/120 Magic damage and applies a 20/24/28/32% slow.

The wolf will then attack random nearby enemies for 3 more attacks. Consecutive attacks deal 33% damage. Will trigger tower aggro.

Feast on Wounds
Feast on Wounds
Attacks apply Feast on Wounds. Allies who damage that target deal 3/6/9/12% extra damage and are healed for 3/6/9/12% of their damage dealt. Debuff lasts for 2.5s
Grendlefang Mana Cost:Cooldown: 4 seconds 
Activate to become melee, gaining 300/400/500 Bonus Health, 15/20/24 magic armor, 35 movespeed and a burst of 200 movespeed for 1s.

In this form, every fourth attack Maims, dealing 45/60/75% bonus damage and slowing 20% for 2s(first attack always maims).


  • Patch 0.4.11
    • Predator Strike (Q): Increased cooldown to 12,10,8,6 from 11,9,7,5
  • Patch 0.4.5
    • Spirit Companion (W): Will now cause tower aggro when damaging an enemy hero
  • Patch 0.2.50
    • Spirit Companion: The cast range has been lowered to 1200 from 1500
    • Spirit Companion: The wolf will now only attack the same target consecutively if there are no other targets around
    • Spirit Companion: Damage to 45/70/95/120 from 60/80/100/120, consecutive hits now deal 33% damage, down from 45%.
    • Spirit Companion: Slow changed to 20/24/28/32% from 25%
  • Patch 0.2.42
    • Hero Added


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