Immortal Gaze
Immortal Gaze


450 hp


Provides 1.6% of your max hp per second while out of combat



Default Buildup (8)

Health Relic Health Shard Vitality Stone

Grants lots of Health. Enhances out of combat Health Regeneration.


  • Desperation (+255) - Boosts Health/sec by 15% when below 20% Health.
  • Swiftness (+175) - Grants 25 Movement Speed while at full Health.


  • Patch 0.4.11
    • Increased health granted to 450HP from 370HP
    • Increased out of combat regen bonus to 1.6% MaxHP from 1.4% MaxHP
  • Patch 0.2.38
    • Enchantments Added
  • Patch 0.2.26
    • Legendary: Increased Health regen boost to 7.5-15% from 5-10%

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