Those items can are built by those with damage in mind.

Throwing Axe 710(280) Gold
Throwing Axe
Grants bonus Attack Damage vs non-hero units. Activate to damage target creep.
Fel Blade 750(300) Gold
Fel Blade
Cheap, efficient Power increase
Empowered Bracer 1450(550) Gold
Empowered Bracer
Cheap source of Health and Power
Reaper's Scythe 1480(600) Gold
Reaper's Scythe
Grants Max Health & Power for each hero kill/assist.
Crystalline Shiv 2055(720) Gold
Crystalline Shiv
Grants bonus Power and Mana Regeneration based on how full your health bar is.
Mystic Dagger 2040(725) Gold
Mystic Dagger
Using an ability grants bonus Magic damage on your next attack.
Numbing Lantern 2485(750) Gold
Numbing Lantern
Grants HP. Attacking enemies reduces their power.
Demon Fang 2635(900) Gold
Demon Fang
Adds bonus Attack Damage to your basic attacks.
Thundercaller 2665(950) Gold
Grants chance that your attacks will chain, dealing Magic damage to multiple enemies.
Cursed Wand 2630(1000) Gold
Cursed Wand
Target enemy to slow them and reduce their Armor/Magic Armor by a percentage.
Vampiric Dagger 2735(1020) Gold
Vampiric Dagger
Grants Lifesteal
Berserker Mask 4150(1300) Gold
Berserker Mask
Activate to increase Attack Speed and Movespeed - but take more damage.
Crushing Mace 3250(1150) Gold
Crushing Mace
Grants Attack Damage. Your attacks will ignore percentage of your enemies Armor.
Frost Prism 3185(1150) Gold
Frost Prism
Grants bonus Attack Damage and causes your attacks to slow enemies.
Zealot's Blade 3720(1270) Gold
Zealot's Blade
Grants bonus Movement Speed and Attack Speed.
Power Conduit 5545(1485) Gold
Power Conduit
Massive Power increase - amplifies all your Power by a percentage
Woundsplitter 5195(1500) Gold
Grants bonus Attack Damage on your basic attacks and a chance to deal 2x damage.

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