These are the items that can be built and crafted into higher tier items. They are also known as components

Power Shard 450 Gold
Power Shard
6 Power
Agility Stone 835 Gold
Agility Stone
15 Attack Speed
Mana Shard 430 Gold
Mana Shard
55 Mana
Clarity Shard 435 Gold
Clarity Shard
1.25 Mana/s
Health Shard 450 Gold
Health Shard
85 Health
Vitality Shard 430 Gold
Vitality Shard
2 Health/s
Power Crystal 1200 Gold
Power Crystal
16 Power
Agility Relic 2000 Gold
Agility Relic
36 Attack Speed
Mana Stone 820 Gold
Mana Stone
105 Mana
Clarity Stone 805 Gold
Clarity Stone
2.6 Mana/s
Health Crystal 1215 Gold
Health Crystal
230 Health
Vitality Stone 815 Gold
Vitality Stone
3.8 Health/s
Power Relic 2025 Gold
Power Relic
27 Power
Mana Crystal 1170 Gold
Mana Crystal
150 Mana
Health Relic 2010 Gold
Health Relic
380 Health

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