Boots 585 Gold
35 Movement Speed.
Fervor Boots 1665(1080) Gold
Fervor Boots
Grants 50 movespeed and 25 attack speed. Activate to increase 80 movespeed, allowing you to walk through units.
Inertia Boots 1665(1080) Gold
Inertia Boots
Grants 70 movespeed and 290 health. Activate to remove all stuns and slows from yourself.
Power Boots 1535(985) Gold
Power Boots
Grants 65 movespeed and 20 power.
Rocket Boots 1835(1250) Gold
Rocket Boots
Grants 55 movespeed. Activate to leap.
Rune Boots 1665(1080) Gold
Rune Boots
Grants 65 movespeed and 15% cooldown reduction. Activate to quickly restore 20% health and mana.
Warp Boots 1735(1150) Gold
Warp Boots
Grants 85 movespeed. Activate to teleport to an allied unit.

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