Barrier Token 2545(900) Gold
Barrier Token
Grants Magic Armor and a passive anti-magic burst ability.
Blessed Orb 2655(990) Gold
Blessed Orb
Grants power and enhances your heals/shields.
Blood Pendant 720(290) Gold
Blood Pendant
Cheap, efficient Health Regeneration.
Captain's Crest 1430(550) Gold
Captain's Crest
Grants you Armor and provides a defense bonus to nearby allied brawlers.
Dampening Cloak 1525(645) Gold
Dampening Cloak
Grants Magic Armor and Health
Dragon Shield 2650(1000) Gold
Dragon Shield
Grants a shield that regenerates when not taking damage. Scales with power.
Elder Stone 1430(550) Gold
Elder Stone
Grants additional Max Health and Max Mana over time.
Enduring Helm 770(320) Gold
Enduring Helm
Cheap, efficient Max Health
Golden Protector 2590(945) Gold
Golden Protector
Grants Armor and Health Regeneration.
Guardian Helm 4595(1350) Gold
Guardian Helm
Grants Magic Armor and Health. Regenerates part of all magic damage taken.
Iceforged Plate 4625(1350) Gold
Iceforged Plate
Increases Armor significantly. Attackers have their Attack Speed reduced.
Immortal Gaze 4675(1400) Gold
Immortal Gaze
Grants lots of Health. Enhances out of combat Health Regeneration.
Ranger's Vest 2595(950) Gold
Ranger's Vest
Increases Max Health significantly and reduces incoming non-hero damage.
Silver Buckler 770(320) Gold
Silver Buckler
Grants Armor and deflects attack damage from heroes.
Spirit Ward 2590(950) Gold
Spirit Ward
Grants a shield to nearby allies equal to a percent of your Mana pool.
Stone Skin 3615(1200) Gold
Stone Skin
Activate to remove all stuns/slows and gain stun/slow reduction for a short duration.

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