Healing Rod 710(280) Gold
Healing Rod
Activate to restore Health and Mana.
Glacial Gem 730(295) Gold
Glacial Gem
Cheap, efficient Mana Regeneration
Sage Circlet 740(310) Gold
Sage Circlet
Cheap source of Health and Power
Elder Stone 1430(550) Gold
Elder Stone
Grants additional Max Health and Max Mana over time.
Seer's Eye 2085(750) Gold
Seer's Eye
Grants Max Mana and the ability to reveal an area.
Archmage's Ring 2080(750) Gold
Archmage's Ring
Activate to restore Mana to nearby allies.
Runed Scepter 2150(815) Gold
Runed Scepter
Reduces all your cooldowns and provides additional Max Mana.
Diadem 3090(1100) Gold
Converts your Mana pool into additional Power.

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