Captain's Crest 1550(650) Gold
Captain's Crest
Grants you Armor and provides a defense bonus to nearby allied brawlers.
Seer's Eye 2085(750) Gold
Seer's Eye
Grants Max Mana and the ability to reveal an area.
Archmage's Ring 2080(750) Gold
Archmage's Ring
Activate to restore Mana to nearby allies.
Windrush 2080(750) Gold
Activate to provide a burst of move speed to nearby allies.
Void Key 2565(850) Gold
Void Key
Activate to become invulnerable and disabled for 2 seconds.
Shadowveil 2630(1000) Gold
Grants Max Health. Activate to become Shrouded and gain Movespeed.
Cursed Wand 2630(1000) Gold
Cursed Wand
Target enemy to slow them and reduce their Armor/Magic Armor by a percentage.
Everwinter Charm 3135(1100) Gold
Everwinter Charm
Grants Armor & Magic Armor. Activate to slow and damage nearby enemies.
Frost Prism 3185(1150) Gold
Frost Prism
Grants bonus Attack Damage and causes your attacks to slow enemies.
Stone Skin 3615(1200) Gold
Stone Skin
Activate to remove all stuns/slows and gain stun/slow reduction for a short duration.
Hexbane 4605(1400) Gold
Disables attacks and abilities on an enemy for 3.5 seconds.

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