Krytos's comic art





Krytos, the White Ape is a giant ape that can be fought in Strife.


Krytos was once the sentinel pet of Fobus, a gift from the Oracles, and the embodiment of his "primal rage." With the Keeper's death however, Cindara retrieved him.[1]

Krytos was placed in the center of the Arena of Strife. LexiKhan showed the ape to Minerva, Rook, and MidKnight to him. MidKnight displayed some affinity for the creature, and in his mission to prevent Bastion from reaching the arena, took Krytos with him.[2]


Krytos is a creep, designed to discourage passive play.[3] He is guarded by Cindara, who players must defeat to obtain Krytos. The team who successfully gains Krytos has a choice of which lane to send him down. Every attack Krytos does inflicts damage on himself as well, but he is very hard to take down.


As a white ape, Krytos may be a reference to or taken from S2 Games itself, which uses an ape's head as part of its logo.


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