New FeaturesEdit

Leaver Protection

  • Players will be unable to join another game until their current game has ended.

Note: Matchmaking is still one of our top priorities. We decided to go ahead and add this element from our matchmaking system. You’ll see the system be further developed throughout the beta.

Rewards and ProgressionEdit

Initial player feedback was that Rewards didn’t always feel...very rewarding - there was a frequent sense of “losing” as players got low-tier Chests like 1’s and 2’s. We want to keep Rewards exciting and variable, but we made changes to make results more in line with players’ expectations.

To make sure players retain the use-value of the commodities they had, we multiplied the Food and Elixir that players previously had by a percentage according new gain rates. Likewise, we modified Pet experience to make sure Pets retained their previous levels and % toward next level.


  • Probabilities for Chests made more favorable toward better Chests
  • Significantly improved the rate of Food and Elixir gain
  • A normal player will no longer earn Chests below a 3. Our intention is to reserve low Chests like 1 and 2 for players with poor Karma
  • Reduced quantity of Chests to 3 from 4 (player still chooses 1 per game)
  • Decreased the spread between Chests shown
  • Duplicate Chests will no longer appear


  • Ore cost for Crafting is now a flat 40, regardless of the item’s recipe cost

Originally, Crafting costs differed for items based on gold cost to incentivize players to craft early game items - not just expensive late game ones. Early feedback indicates that players like to craft early game items! We will continue to monitor this, and aim for a fair distribution between early, mid, and late game items being crafted.


  • Tempering Cost to 150 Elixir. This largely reflects the huge increase in Elixir gain
  • Enchanting Costs are now even more backloaded
  • Enchanting a common item will now be very cheap, while enchanting a Legendary item will cost almost as much as before (relative to average rewards)

Enchanting felt slow largely because Elixir gain wasn’t consistent and prices were high, especially for low quality items. This made the most effective way of getting Rare items re-crafting. With these changes, we hope to see more low quality items get enchanted to solid Rare bonuses, while keeping overall cost of achieving Perfect Legendary status relatively similar.

Pet Progression

  • Pets Experience curve changed to be even more back-loaded
  • Reaching level 6 will be significantly quicker, while reaching level 9 will still be a bit quicker (relative to average rewards per game)
  • Pet Unlocks cost less Food (relative to average rewards), especially for the first 2 additional Pets
  • Now correctly displays a dialogue prompt for the 50 Food cost to respec a Pet’s Passive Boost

We got feedback that Pets leveled up too slowly, so we sped up the early progression for Pets while shifting more of the cost to later levels. This way, players will more quickly obtain the majority of a Pet’s effectiveness.

Neutrals and EnvironmentEdit


  • Now occasionally throws rocks at nearby aggressive heroes. Disabled while attacking the tower.
  • Updated death animation

Giving Krytos a ranged attack will allow him to be a little more useful in teamfights that occur away from the base and also less kitable against ranged heroes.


  • Tower range indicators now turn red when the tower is attacking your hero


  • The length of time that attackers in fog are revealed has been increased to 1.5 seconds, from 0.6 seconds.
  • Hero vision range reduced to 1500 from 1800
  • Creep vision range reduced to 1000 from 1400
  • Tower vision range reduced to 1600 from 1900

These vision changes are aimed at reducing the amount of “accidental” vision that can occur on the map and encourage stealthy movement and ganks. This fixes an issue with neutrals attacking heroes from fog causing many heroes to be unable to issue attack commands in response



  • Hardened Skin
    • Increased CC resistance to 12/17/22% from 10/15/20


  • Passive lifesteal changed to passive magic armor
  • Illusion created now takes 3.5x normal damage (increased from 2.5x)
  • Illusion created now spawns and moves seamlessly (removed the hitch)


Rare Effect: Tenacity (renamed from Fervor)

  • Increased the amount of CC Resistance given by about 20% at all tiers (ex: 5% to 6%).

Rare Effect: Perseverance

  • Doubled the effectiveness for all tiers

New Item: Giant’s Visage

  • Increases Armor and Magic Armor by 10
  • Increases power by 1% of your max health

We want to see defensive builds have a slightly higher potential for damage. Typically heroes that build mostly defensive items have a harder time farming, and thus have a harder time transitioning into offensive items later in the game. This item will help players smoothly transition from defense into damage later in the game (similar to how Dragon Shield allows power users to transition into defense).

Silver Buckler

  • Legendary: Reduced regeneration to 0.5-1 from 1-2 HP/sec
    • This legendary effect provided a much greater bonus then we intend with items of this cost. As such we lowered it to a more respectable level.

Enduring Helm

  • Legendary: Reduced maximum charges to 40 from 50

Immortal Gaze

  • Legendary: Increased Health regen boost to 7.5-15% from 5-10%

We were valuing % health regen too highly across the board, and thus have buffed most of these effects.

Inertia Boots

  • Decreased health to 240 from 290
  • Decreased movespeed to 65 from 70

Inertia boots were giving a larger amount of stats per point of gold then our other boots. Taking some of that off the top will put them in a better place.

Reaper’s Scythe

  • Removed starting power/health
  • Now gives the same total amount of power and health over 10 charges instead of 12.

The base stats were so small that they felt tacked on. To compensate for this loss, the item now builds up the same total amount of stats (including the lost base stats) over 10 kills/assists down from 12.

Power Conduit

  • Now provides 32 power, up from 23
  • No longer provides 10% power increase
  • Power conduit now grants the hero 20% of their max mana over 5 seconds upon killing (or assisting with killing) an enemy hero.
  • Legendary: Now increases power by 1-2% always instead of 2-4% when over 250 power

We felt that power conduit was becoming a mandatory item for offensive builds. In addition, the 10% power increase was causing power builds to be favored above all other builds. This should help align the item with our goals of high item diversity.



  • Starting mana reduced to 260 from 288
  • Breath of Oracles: Reduced the range to 550 from 600

We want there to be a little more play around Breath of Oracles. Before, Bastion could easily hit ranged heroes while farming lane creeps. Now, he must position himself more carefully or use Zidek Charge.


  • Attack action time to 350 from 380
  • Bo Throw: Reduced damage per hit to 40/60/80/100 from 45/65/85/105
  • Inner Rage: Increased damage to 80/105/130/155 from 70/95/120/145
  • Inner Rage: Now grants 15% damage reduction while active
  • Bull Rush: Increased speed by around 20% and will now stop on towers

Too much of Bo’s damage output was tied to Bo Throw, so we decided to shift a bit over to Inner Rage. Additionally, we felt Bo needed a to be tankier when setting up an initiation. The 15% damage reduction on Inner Rage should help Bo players feel more confident initiating in team fights without getting immediately bursted down.

Bull rush felt a bit too slow and easy to avoid, so we’ve increased its speed a bit. Additionally, we felt giving Bo the ability to knock players into structures would provide Bo players with more options in lane, and create opportunities for really exciting plays.


  • Attack projectile speed increased to 1200 from 1100
  • Reduced attack time for projectile to leave Caprice to 250 from 300 ms
  • Fire Lager: Decreased the delay on second wave of damage to 900 from 1130 ms
  • Fire Lager: Increased projectile width to 180 from 160.
  • Quick Draw: Decreased manacost to 90/100/110 from 100/115/130

While Caprice can be a very powerful hero, sometimes she can feel a bit clunky to use, and her mana costs can be prohibitive. These small changes should make her feel more responsive, and her damage more reliable. Additionally, for players who prefer to build her more for attack damage, her ultimate is now less mana intensive.


  • Yak Attack: Reduced damage to 80,110,140,170 from 90,120,150,180

For how much range Yak Attack has and the fact that it slows considerably, we felt the damage values were a bit high. This small change should put the damage more in line with other base skills.

Lady Tinder

  • Nature's Fury: Hit points of plant now scale off of Lady Tinder's max Health, 50/60/70%

Now allows Lady Tinder’s plant to stay effective during the later stages of the game. Overall this change will not change the plants HP by much if Tinder builds no health.


  • Golden Gate: Increased the length of the wall by 8%

Makes it just a tad more forgiving when trying to block off a path.


  • Impaling Sting: Lowered mana cost to 80,95,110 from 100,110,120
  • Impaling Sting: Lowered cooldown to 20 seconds from 30 seconds

One thing that makes Minerva’s ultimate unique is its short cooldown. Though its impact isn’t as high as other ultimates, you can use it in almost every skirmish. We felt its mana cost was a bit prohibitive for how frequently you want to use it. By lowering its mana cost and cooldown, we hope to see players using the skill more liberally, sometimes more than once in a team fight.


  • Catastrophe: Decreased base damage to 140/185/230 from 150/200/250

For how reliable Catastrophe can be, we felt the damage values were a bit high. This small change should put the skill more in line with other damage ultimates.


  • Burrow Bots: Increased explosion area of effect to 300 from 200
  • Burrow Bots: Increased acquisition range to 350 from 275
  • Burrow Bots: Reduced chase speed to 650 from 695
  • Burrow Bots: Increased sight range from 300 to 350
  • Death Ray: Decreased the damage reduction on each target hit to 15% from 20%.

Ray’s Burrow Bots were a bit unreliable for being his primary source of damage. Additionally, the mines were a bit too ineffective at clearing brawler waves due to their small explosion area. With these changes, Ray should have an easier time farming and pushing, and have more reliable damage output. The difficulty of hitting many targets with Death Ray did not match the reward. This should help the ultimate feel better when multiple targets are hit.


  • Murder of Crows: Reduced bonus attack speed to 120/180/240/300 from 120/200/280/360

Reducing rooks burst slightly during the later stages of the game. This should allow a little more time to react to Rook instead of instantly melting.


  • Anti-Matter Shield: CC reduction increased to 70% from 50%
  • Anti-Matter Shield: Reduced shield to 170,230,290,350 from 200,265,335,400
  • Orbital Drop: Now cancels the channel if hero damage is taken. If canceled in this way the cooldown gets set to 5 seconds just like getting damaged before channeling.

Anti-Matter shield was negating a bit too much damage, and the CC-resistance aspect of the skill was often not impactful enough. By tweaking these values, we hope to see players using the skill more to counter incoming crowd control, and less as a huge shield. Orbital Drop was being used a little too easily to escape, breaking on damage will allow teams to gank a Vex a bit more easily now.

Art and SoundEdit

  • Many spells, heroes, and items have had their visuals and sounds updated
  • Several pet skills and legendary effects have been renamed


  • Many bugs/issues with replays have been fixed
  • Fixed bugs related to reconnection during hero selection
  • The client (launcher) should now resize properly when being used on lower resolutions
  • The client should now give feedback when attempting to host a game lobby with an inappropriate name
  • Several skill shots were auto-targetting when double-tapping a skill. This has been corrected and the player will now need to manually target the skill, as intended.
  • Pausing the match while players are loading will no longer indefinitely postpone the game
  • Made significant changes to how New Player Experience progress is handled. There should be less bugs when switching PC's or multiple accounts play from the same PC.
  • Fixed miscellaneous game lobby issues, including inconsistency in if a player appears to be occupying a player slot
  • Using the courier, and other non-interrupting abilities, no longer cancels your attack
  • Fixed an issue causing heroes that enter brush to always disappear for one frame, regardless of enemy vision. This should, generally, make chasing heroes into brush more reliable (in the event that you have vision within that brush)
  • The Feed pet button no longer shows up on pets that have reached their maximum level
  • The cost of re-specializing a pet's passive is no longer hidden
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be able to click the recraft button despite not having enough ore to recraft, causing them to lose the item and not gain a new one
  • Fixed issue with Caprice's journey on Mac that was causing some dialogue to be missing and Caprice's model to be visually bugged
  • Fixed an issue that was causing salvage dialogue to pop up in situations that it wasn't intended to
  • Fixed a display issue causing the preview of pets on the hero pick screen to display the wrong level
  • Fixed a bug with visual effects on Lady Tinder's Bindweed. It will now trail to the location she cast the skill from, rather than her position.
  • Fixed a bug with Tinder's shield animation not expiring with the shield
  • Bull Rush: Now hits walls more reliably
  • Rare Component Mastery properly scales magic damage now
  • Krytos properly leaps at the Crux
  • Healing Rod non-Legendary properly goes up to 60 charges instead of 70
  • Mystic Dagger’s bonus damage wasn't scaling with power, now it does.
  • Cleaned up various legendary tool tips
  • Fixed an issue where Reaper’s Scythe would not give you a charge if a tower got the last hit
  • You will now get credit for a hero kill if a neutral monster takes the last hit from you.
  • Fixed bug where visual effect for teleport boots would stop playing if the target died. It is intentional that this does not cancel the teleport.
  • Slight tweaks to some targeting rules to fix a situation in which it would be exceedingly difficult to target a high health neutral if there was a low health neutral near by
  • Bo Throw had a different radius on the outgoing and return projectile. Now both are correctly set at 135.
  • Fixed many locations where heroes could get stuck
  • Anchor Smash’s ground indicator now properly matches the skill’s actual AoE
  • Dash skills will properly delete their projectile after the hero dies. In other words, if Ace dies mid-air, he will not damage players where he lands.
  • Many broken tooltips have been fixed

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