All account progression has been fully reset. While we may need to wipe account progress from time to time, going forward we will compensate players by reimbursing resources based on games played. We value the time you are putting into the game and will ensure it is not wasted. Gems will be refunded after each reset (when relevant)!

New FeaturesEdit

  • Chat commands
    • You can now whisper and reply to players in game! For a list of commands, type /help or /? in game. More commands will be added in the future.
  • The Watch Menu
    • Players can now Manage their replays, view the top twitch streams, and spectate friends on their friends list all from one convenient location.
  • Gem Purchasing
    • Players can now purchase Gems directly from our website. Gems can be used to unlock cosmetic upgrades, open additional reward chests, unlock additional Pets and more!
  • Win Tracking
    • Players can now see how many account-wide wins they have in addition to the number of wins they have with each Hero.
  • Direct X 11 Support
    • Players can now enable Direct X 11 for improved performance.
  • Voice Activation for Party Voice
    • Players can now set the Party Voice feature to automatically pick up sound
  • New Website
    • With the launch of this patch, we are releasing our new-and-improved website. Be sure to check the site for upcoming news and visit the community forums!


  • We are continuing to make improvements to Matchmaking. Many of these improvements occur between patches, without a client patch or patch notes.
  • UI
    • You can now view other Heroes’ stats, like Power, Health, and Mana more easily by holding Tab and hovering over their portrait.
    • The Crafting UI has been updated for simplicity
    • Players can now pin the boss timers and experience circle
    • Players can now drag their items between inventory slots
    • Color coded Stat colors now match the corresponding number colors around health bars
    • You can now double click a player name to open a PM with them
    • PM windows now have quick access buttons
    • You can now see which team you are on during the loading screen
    • Players can now disable Health bar lerping
    • Moved Krytos lane selection button to not cover chat. The aesthetics of this will be re-evaluated in the future.
    • You can now recolor the Health bars, making the game more accessible for color blind individuals
    • Players can now replay the introductory campaign via the options menu
    • The Hero selection screen UI has been improved
    • The profile page has been updated
    • The loading screen now alternates between tips
  • Art and Sound
    • Added 3D models for the keepers during the intro campaign
    • Removed “The enemy team is dominating” announcement
    • Visuals and sounds have been updated for many abilities/items

Crafting and EnchantingEdit

  • All Crafted items are now permanent, and Tempering has been removed
  • Probability of Crafting Rare and Legendary items adjusted in accordance with item permanence
  • Enchanting costs now scale differently. Enchanting is now much cheaper for Common items, but more expensive for Legendary items.
  • Re-roll Rare Bonus added. Players may utilize Gems and Elixir to re-roll the Rare Bonus type while retaining the item’s quality level. We were uncomfortable with the “lost progression” that item lifetimes created. Crafting should be about progression, customization, and fun - losing your items was not fun. Due to the removal of Tempering, players will be able to dedicate all Elixir to Enchanting. We want to emphasize the choice between having an expansive collection of Rare items or a few “perfect” ones.
  • Rare Bonus: Tenacity
    • Slightly adjusted the curve of CC reduction for a more proper fit at different tiers.
  • Rare Bonus: Power
    • Removed from the game.
    • We weren’t happy with how closely this overlapped with magic damage bonus and attack damage.
  • NEW Rare Bonuses: Casting and Wisdom
    • Casting grants cooldown reduction while Wisdom grants a percentage increase to your Mana pool


  • Players will no longer receive rewards from bot matches. This is a temporary solution to bot farming, we will continue to work on a permanent solution that still provides some rewards for legitimate bot games.
  • Reward Chests now give a random amount of each commodity (with at least some of each commodity). Total commodity value in a chest still scales with Chest’s quality tier.


  • Ace
    • Spincicle: Can now use Frostbite, Pet abilities, and Items while using Spincicle
    • We didn’t like how spinning eliminated the ability for you to react to incoming attacks with Frostbite
  • Caprice
    • Quick Draw: Increased damage to 100/130/165 from 90/120/150
    • Quick Draw: Reduced cooldown to 40/35/30 from 40
    • Putting points into Caprice’s ultimate felt fairly lackluster. This change helps remedy that, and helps Caprice stay active in the late game, where she relies on her ultimate for positioning and damage.
  • Lady Tinder
    • Nature’s Fury: Removed splash damage
    • Nature’s Fury: Increased base damage to 60,80,100 from 45, 60, 75
    • Nature’s Fury: % Lady Tinder HP from 50,60,70 to 60,60,60
    • Nature’s Fury: Duration from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
    • Nature’s Fury: Lowered magic resist to 60 from 100
    • Nature’s Fury: Now has 20% splash resistance
    • Nature’s Fury: Now deals 85% damage to towers
    • Nature’s Fury: Now prioritizes towers over Heroes (but still switches to target anyone you attack)
    • Nature’s Fury: Mana cost down to 115, 130, 145 from 125, 150, 175
    • There is a lot here, but the overall goal was to make Lady Tinder’s ultimate more viable at single target damage without significantly increasing her tower pushing potential.


  • Unlocking Pets now costs significantly less Food, capping at 300 instead of 500.


  • Mystic Dagger
    • Recipe cost increased to 1000
    • Now grants 8 Power in addition to its other effect
    • Recipe now requires a Power Crystal and Mana Shard
    • Legendary now returns 7 Mana, up from 5 (to reflect new cost)
    • Mystic Dagger is a playstyle defining item, and as such, we don’t want players feeling compelled to sell it later in the game. With this change, the item will be worth the slot it takes up for the entire game.
  • Runeboots
    • Reduced cooldown to 45 from 50
    • Increased movespeed to 70 from 65
    • These boots are underutilized and we want to nudge them in the right direction
  • Stoneskin
    • Legendary: Decreases cooldown by 6 seconds, from 9 seconds


  • Several replay bugs have been resolved
  • Chat windows can no longer default off the screen
  • Players cannot change their regions while in queue
  • Users are no longer duplicated when searching for players via friends list
  • Fixed lots of issues associated with creating, editing, and using guides
  • Tooltips no longer go off the screen
  • Fixed multiple issues where the launcher UI would disappear
  • Fixed multiple issues where the Strife wheel would rotate to incorrect angles
  • Hale’s dash is now properly canceled by all stuns
  • Lady Tinder’s plant is now properly CC-immune
  • Announcer no longer says “An ally/enemy Hero has left the battlefield” on termination (only says it on disconnection)
  • Fixed Ray’s mine counter
  • Fixed animation glitching on canceling home teleport
  • Fixed many skills that were not flagged as Crowd Control
  • Bastion’s breath hits props more accurately
  • Fixed a bug with Mystic Dagger’s spell effect
  • Many fixes to the stringtables

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