New FeaturesEdit

New Hero: Shank

Shank is a melee hero who excels at initiation and ganking. Unlike other initiators, Shank doesn't need to dive into the fray - he pulls his targets to him! Once in his domain, Shank quickly ramps up in strength with each consecutive attack - so deal with him quickly or make a run for it! In addition to pulling enemies out of position, Shank has the ability to give boosts of speed to allies. This allows them use their own combat tools more easily, or make a quick escape.

Visit Shank's Hero Page here for more details!

Improved Matchmaking

The algorithms used for matchmaking have been significantly improved to account for groups and more heavily value account experience of participants. We will continue to add more matchmaking improvements as time goes on to increase accuracy of fair matches.


- Assist damage threshold changed to 0.01 from 0.1. This means all small amounts of damage will now flag you for an assist, rather than being required to deal 10% of the damage to a hero.This resolves the issue of players sometimes not being awarded gold for kills they felt they were involved in. This should make credit from kills feel more consistent.

Art and Sound

- Updated and fixed several ability/item effects and sounds

- New 2D art for Vermillion and Caprice

Neutrals, Environment, and ObjectivesEdit


  • Lowered health by 300, increased shield by 300

This change was made to nudge generator aggression toward team pushes, rather than solo pushes.


  • Observatory linger time to 35 seconds from 25 seconds

The time it took to go capture an observatory often felt slightly too long compared to the advantage it yielded. This will help players feel the effort is more worthwhile.


  • Cindara now yields 300 gold per player upon defeat, up from 250

Relative to Baldir, Cindara was rewarding too little gold.


  • Baldir and Cindara do not spawn until 1 minute (from 30 seconds)

This change was made to make early game Cindara kills much harder.



  • Inner Rage: New Icon while building up

Lady Tinder

  • Nature's Fury: New attack animation


  • Cyber Stalk: Reduced damage to 20/35/50/65 from 30/45/60/75
  • Shield of Vorbis: Reduced Shield amount to 3.5/5/6.5/8% from 3.6/5.4/7.2/9%

Slightly decreasing her overall burst in the early game and decreasing her tankiness in the late game.


  • Ball Lightning decreased mana gain from creeps to 7 from 10 per creep

Slightly reduces how spammable the spell is when hitting only creeps.


  • Grappling Hook: Reduced range by 80

This skill was traveling slightly farther than indicated on the tooltip.


  • Vorbis Seekers no longer hit idle neutrals

It's frustrating when your skills accidentally pull neutral aggro.



  • Slide: Increased cooldown to 270/180/180 from 240/160/160

Bounder's slide ability had a fairly short cooldown for the utility it provided.


  • Inspiration: No longer removes out of combat regen

The mana regeneration lost due to entering combat was a significant loss in effectiveness.


  • Breakout: Decreased cooldown to 220/140/100 from 240/160/120
  • Pincer's backlash skill now properly ignores indirect damage instead of DoT damage


  • Rejuvenate 1-2: Reduced healing to 81-200 from 95-200
  • Rejuvenate 3: Reduced healing to 118-300 from 146-300

Reducing how effective Tortus is in the early game by roughly 20%.


Barrier Token

  • Legendary: Increased damage block on first spell cast to 7.5-15% from 4-8%

After the recent buff to barrier token, the legendary was left underpowered, this should remedy that.

Dragon Shield

  • Increased dragon shield fill time to 4 seconds from 3
    • Note: This does not affect the cooldown before the item begins to refill.

Empowered Bracer

  • Legendary: Now requires 3-1.5 power for every point of health instead of 10-5 power


  • Legendary: Increased mana regen % to 3.5-7% from 2.5-5%

Healing Rod

  • Now costs 350 recipe gold (from 280)
  • New visual effects/sound for the activation of healing rod
  • Bug Fix - Legendary: No longer reduces the time it takes to get to max charges.


  • May now only target heroes

Accidentally targeting brawlers could be very frustrating, and was almost always a mistake by the player.

Inferno Brand

  • New Effects

Spring Boots

  • Increased cooldown to 35 from 30

Bug FixesEdit

  • Malady's tp home animation no longer loops indefinitely
  • Fixed a bug causing some neutrals to not play their sounds
  • Several holes in the map have been rectified
  • Several fixes have been made to ignore functionality
  • The game should now properly remember hero, pet, and crafted items after finishing a game
  • Players now properly received rewards after completing the intro campaign
  • Whisper and reply functionality auto-completes reliably
  • Replay timestamps, ordering, and replays sometimes not appearing has been fixed
  • Cloud setting fixes have been made
  • Caprice now shows up in the magic category during hero selection
  • Several tooltips have been fixed

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