Soft Account Reset

  • Due to major progression system changes, all accounts have been reset. Players have received commodity compensation based on the number of games played. Gems spent on chests, re-rolls, and pet unlocks have been refunded.

Dedicated Tester Recognition

  • We wanted to recognize the most devoted testers prior to this reset. Here’s the top 100 in each of the following categories: Most Games Played, Most Games Won, Highest Average GPM per Game (min 50 games played). Thanks for helping make Strife a better game! Check them out here

Additional Invite Beta Key

  • All players have received one key invite, you can view your key by logging into the website and clicking the icon next to account settings.

New FeaturesEdit

New Hero: Fetterstone

  • Fetterstone is a ranged attack damage dealer who gains momentum the longer a fight persists. With the ability to steal power from enemies he attacks, he can quickly become a powerhouse if left unfettered for too long. Unlike most other ranged damage dealers, Fetterstone can benefit much more from investing in defense. With a powerful shield that scales with his health, focusing him can often turn sour if he plays his cards right. Fetterstone represents a new kind of damage dealer in Strife, and should definitely mix things up. Mosey on down to Fetterstone’s Hero page!

New Hero: Claudessa

  • Claudessa is a tanky melee hero who specializes in protecting allies and forcing enemies into unfavorable positions. With the ability to heal allies and grant them a powerful damage reduction buff, Claudessa can protect even the most vulnerable of allies. Her healing, coupled with an ultimate that reduces the power of enemies around her, makes her an ally you always want nearby. But Claudessa isn’t only about protecting, she can also dish out plenty of area of effect damage if she positions herself well. See Claudessa’s Hero Page!


  • Skill Based Matchmaking - One of the main lessons we learned from matchmaking in HoN was the importance of letting systematically generated empirical data drive the design and weighting of the factors in a matchmaking system. For this reason, we have been implementing matchmaking in phases, with the data generated from each iteration informing the design and implementation of the next. We started by accounting for heroes and regions, then balanced according to number of games played, and finally added party size to the equation. With this patch we are excited to be able to implement skill based matchmaking and make the Strife experience that much more fair.

AFK / Leaver Improvements

  • Stacking Leaver Ban - Players will now notice that their match ban time increases each time they leave a game. The minimum match ban time is now 1 hour and will reach up to nearly a day. If you stop leaving games, the penalty will return to normal.
  • AFK Detection - Players who go afk for a prolonged period of time will be disconnected, invoking leaver penalties.
  • Leaver Compensation - Players who are terminated from the game (disconnected for 5 minutes) will now distribute 70% of their total gold worth to the rest of the team. In addition, all future gold that would be acquired by that player is now distributed amongst remaining players.
  • Leaver Forgiveness - Once one player has been terminated, all other players are free to leave the match, without penalty. However, you will not receive rewards if you are terminated by the time the game ends.

Progression and RewardsEdit

Account Progress

  • We have added an Account Level System.
In order to more easily track overall account progress, we have added the concept of account levels. Playing games earns experience toward your account level.
Currently, players mainly receive resources, account icons, and pet levels for leveling up their account. We’ll be adding more rewards in the future. If we add a reward for an account level that you have already completed, you will be given that reward retroactively.


  • Quests added to reward players for specific achievements, such as winning a game daily, getting to 300 lifetime wins, or earning 10 wins per month.
We’ll be adding more quests throughout development.


  • Enchanting Removed - All crafted items will now be the same power level as default recipes, but allow the player to customize the components.
While the progression of crafted items was fun for some players, it imposed a widespread power discrepancy between players that we were uncomfortable with. In removing Enchanting, we want to observe Crafting in its purest form - customization of components. We may revisit making crafted items “cooler” in the future, but if we do it will be in careful consideration of what we’ve learned from Enchanting.
  • Unlimited Crafted Items In Game - Players are no longer restricted to 4 crafted items per game, now that they don’t carry a direct gameplay advantage. Now, all crafted items will automatically load into a player’s in-game shop.
With the removal of Enchanting and the parity of power between crafted and default items, we are removing the pre-selection of up to 4 crafted items. This will resolve issues of forced builds and incentivize players to use Crafting as it was intended - to provide a wealth of options in build order, customization, and specialization.


  • Food Removed - Pets no longer level up by eating food. Instead, they will level up as the player’s Account level increases.
  • Pets Level Much Faster - Previously, it took a lot of games to max out pet level, especially for multiple pets. We’ve dramatically reduced the number of games required to max out your pets. This allows for a reasonable period of time after which Strife accounts become “competitively viable” without any power differentiation between two separate accounts.
  • All Pets Share Level - All of your Pets will now be the same level at all times. This includes future Pets.
While it was fun to engage with your pets and feed them yummy delights, choosing which Pet to level limited the player’s choices when playing a game. Furthermore, the level of Pets dictates a player’s power level in the Pets system. With Pets now all leveling simultaneously through the Account Level system players will have true choice on which Pet to use with which hero, and progression will come in the form of unlocking more Pets as options.


  • Normalized Rewards - Random reward chests were removed in favor of a normalized value that each player gains after a game.
The existing reward chests implementation was confusing to players, as well as generated negative reinforcement in an area of the game that is supposed to be purely rewarding. Any future iteration of rewards should feel only positive.


  • Healing or shielding a player will now cause any assists acquired by the target to be transferred to the caster for the next 10 seconds.
  • Pets now follow your hero more intelligently
  • Voice chat is now enabled in custom lobbies


  • The tooltips for items have been redesigned. Hold TAB while looking at an item tooltip for additional information.
  • The post game screens have been completely redesigned.
  • Match awards are now implemented and correctly calculated. We plan on adding more awards in the future.
  • There is a new revamped karma screen at the end of a match. Note that the karma system is still not yet finished. We will have more to share in the future.
  • The account screen has been updated to reflect progression system changes, as well as the addition of quests
  • The leaver ban timer is now visible
  • Add “Reset to Defaults” option to the options menu
  • Dyes have been added for Shank

Neutrals, Environment, and ObjectivesEdit

  • Brawlers will now deaggro you if they lose vision of you.


  • Small neutral creep exp changed to 28 from 23
This change increases the experience granted by neutral camps that contain 4 small neutrals by approximately 22%. As a result, camps that contain fewer small neutrals have had their total experience increased by less.



  • Spell Mastery: Increased passive damage to 3-6% from 2-5%



  • Reduced mana to power ratio to 4.5% from 5%

Dragon Shield

  • Removed from the game

Conceptually we decided to move away from an item that increased defense with the purchase of power (which is already heavily incentivized as the main offensive stat). The intent of this item wasn’t quite being filled, a reworked version of it may return in the future as a poke-harass type of item.

Healing Rod

  • Now requires 2 components from 1 (Power Shard, Vitality Shard)
  • Increased recipe to 550 from 350

We wanted to keep the activated effect feeling good to use. So, rather than nerf the observable effect of the item, we are limiting its availability at the start of the game. Keeping the item from being able to be picked up first should help a lot in creating more item choices in the early stages of the game.


  • Bug Fix: CC Reduction will now work while being Hexed

Inertia Boots

  • Increased cooldown to 50 from 35 seconds
  • Increased Hit points to 250 from 240
  • The linger time on the 50% Crowd Control reduction has been increased to 2 seconds, from 1 second.
Having too high of access to a cleanse mechanic is unhealthy for player expectations when using crowd control skills. In addition, the increase to the linger time for Inertia Boots will allow it to be more usable and keeps it consistent with Pincer.

Ranger's Vest

  • Reduced components to 3 from 4 (now takes 2 health shards & mender)
  • Reduced cost to 765 from 950
  • Total price now:2095 from 2595
  • Reduced health to 200 from 270
Allows the item to be purchased sooner when brawler/neutral damage is more relevant.



  • Avalanche: Casting the skill out of range will now immediately jump in the target direction. This makes the skill consistent with all other mobility skills in the game.


  • Jailbreak: Speed boost duration increased to 2.5 seconds from 2 seconds. The bonus movespeed now starts at 200, from 250, but grants the full movespeed for the first second, rather than the first half second.
  • Manacle: Cooldown increased to 35/30/25 from 25
  • Manacle: Mana cost decreased to 95 from 95/105/115
  • Manacle: The size of the claw has been reduced slightly to more closely match the touch radius of the ultimate.
  • Manacle: Now pulls 30 units closer

We wanted the skill to have more of an incentive to put points into it. Before, the mana cost was scaling by a noticeable amount while the only gain the player received was 60 additional damage.


  • If the player stops their teleport home, the animation will properly stop playing
  • Fix Rook’s hook chain spawning from origin of the map in rare situations
  • Caprice’s ult will now always leave space for the timer
  • Fixed bug which caused Caprice’s ultimate to not trigger on enemies when jumping into fog
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Shank's Jailbreak to not affect himself
  • Shank’s emote is fixed
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow players to incorrectly see into the edge of grass
  • Parties with pending invites will no longer join the matchmaking queue until the invites are cleared
  • Kicking someone from a party now prevents them from joining again (unless they are re-invited by the leader)
  • Attempted fix at a bug where players would not receive gold from a generator. If you see this occur, please provide us a match ID so we may investigate further.
  • Towers can no longer mistakenly gain an assist for a kill
  • Fixed several holes in the map
  • Fixed an issue with Shank’s ult hitting moving targets and teleporting the unit back later

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