• With this patch, we are compensating players who have not properly received rewards from prior matches. You may see an increase to your Seals and Elixir.
  • The soft reset during the previous patch refunded some people's gems for their cosmetics while leaving the cosmetics still unlocked. This was an unintended result, but one which we're going to leave as is until the next soft reset, so enjoy those free gear set and dye rentals! During the next soft reset (sometime before open beta), we'll rectify the situation such that your unspent gems reflect the cosmetics you have purchased. -[S2]Wray



  • Dragon's Reach:
    • Reduced damage to 80/105/130/155 from 90/120/150/180. Fixed tooltip to Inform player of extra popup damage. (Popup damage is now 104/136.5/169/201.5 from 117/156/195/234)
    • New cast indicator which more clearly shows the impact area for the knock back
    • Fixed a bug where the bonus damage at the end of Dragon's Reach wasn't scaling with power
    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to take the bonus damage from Dragon's Reach, but not the base damage
  • Dragon Claw: Cooldown increased by 1 second at all levels
  • Scorched Earth: Initial damage has been removed
    • Damage over time has been increased to 30/40/50 from 24/32/40


  • Reduced Fetterstone's attack damage at all levels
  • Crystal Shot: Slightly decreased the overall effectiveness of the slow
  • Explosive Rounds: Increased cooldown to 75 from 70/60/50


- Resolved many issues with account rewards - The leaver ban timer is in a better format

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