Due to major changes to the crafting system, crafted items have been deleted and players have been refunded any gems and elixir used to create them. Have fun crafting new items!

New ContentEdit

New Features

  • Enchanting 2.0: Players can now select 1-3 different enchants when crafting an item. These enchants will increase the cost of the recipe in game, making the enchants not a source of power progression, but rather a source of progression through gaining new options. You can learn more about these changes and why we made them in this Dev Blog.
  • Matchmaking Improvements: Matchmaking now adjusts skill rating much more quickly for new players.
  • Crafting Introduction: Crafting is now unlocked at account level 4. Once unlocked, the player will be guided through the crafting process.

New Pet: Fitz

  • Fitz is a pet highly specialized toward augmenting a gank-oriented play style. By revealing enemy players and dealing direct damage to them, he allows you to not only get the extra damage needed for a gank, but also to track your target through brush. Fitz also provides a significant increase to map mobility by boosting out of combat movement speed. Most importantly of all though, Fitz helps you where it counts: by occasionally giving bonus gold when you kill enemy players.

New Gear Sets


  • Added new section to “Rescue Auros” which teaches players about Tab functionality
  • Many tooltips in the game have been updated to use consistent naming conventions
  • Courier move speed increased to 600 from 500

Sound and Art

  • Blazer: Updated voice assets
  • Luster(Pet): Improvements to the sounds on his active and passive-active skills

Neutrals, Environment, and Objectives Edit

The Crux

  • Crux shield now linearly scales from 2600 at 25 minutes to 5200 at 50 minutes. The shield was previously a flat 2600.
At later stages in the game, the shield provides very little defense against back-dooring.

Towers and Generators

  • Tier 2 Tower & Generator attack damage increased by 13%
This makes Tier 2 Towers kill melee creeps in three attacks, from four. In addition, this makes towers slightly stronger at defending against heroes.
  • Generators moved back slightly to confer a greater defensive advantage
Their previous position was forcing teams on the defensive to clump up while allowing attacking teams to spread out.



  • Slide: Now breaks stealth when activated
  • Slide: No longer breaks out of combat regen when activated
This makes the skill consistent with Rocket Boots.


Cleric Chalice

  • Recipe mana regen reduced to 1 from 1.3

Stone Skin

  • No longer purges
  • Increased recipe cost to 1300 from 1100
  • Crowd Control reduction increased to 60% from a tapering amount (75% to 25%)
  • Damage reduction increased to 30% from 25% while active
  • Now passively grants 8 attack damage
We want Stoneskin to be an “uber mode” item. Unfortunately, due to the purge effect on the previous iteration, players were hesitant to use Stoneskin unless they were stunned. These changes should result in a net buff.


  • Reveal range decreased to 600 from 700

Berserker Mask

  • Increased max components from 5 to 7
  • Increased recipe cost to 1300 from 1100
  • Now builds from 2 power crystals and 1 health shard
  • Now gives 8% attack lifesteal passively
  • Active now gives 40 movespeed from 50 and 45 attack speed from 54
We want this item to be less dependent on its uptime. These changes should result in a net buff.


  • Optimized reconnection dialogue
  • Fixed issued with hero transparency in brush
  • Cleaned up Strife map collision
  • Pet icons no longer change with level

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