New ContentEdit

  • Improved Matchmaking: Matchmaking now evaluates your skill with each hero, rather than only considering your overall skill. This will be most noticeable with a large number of games played.

New Hero: Harrower

Harrower is a versatile attack damage dealer with a trick up his sleeve: he can freely transform between melee and ranged forms. Should you choose to give up his crossbow, you’ll in return become a near-unstoppable melee bruiser. Harrower excels at both kiting his enemies and hunting them down aggressively. In order to play Harrower to perfection, you must deftly alternate forms - adapting to new combat situations as they arise.

New Gear Sets

Lane Dynamic ChangesEdit

  • Brawlers will now disengage heroes after their forced-aggro time, if other creeps are within their aggro range. Previously, ranged creeps in particular would continue to attack heroes until that hero ran out of it’s attack range.
  • Brawlers now have a forced-aggro time of 1.2 seconds, down from 1.6 seconds
  • Brawlers should now more reliably disengage heroes who run into the brush
  • Out of combat regeneration now only requires 8 seconds out of combat, down from 10
  • Mana regeneration boost in Out of Combat reduced by 0.6 mana per second
  • Health potions now re-generate over 10 seconds, increased from 7
These changes are aimed at increasing the viability of harassment in the lane (particularly in the solo lane), while also increasing the viability at recovering from harassment with out of combat regen. Our aim is to increase tension in the lane, amplifying the significance of good player choices.


  • Pregame duration has been lowered to 75 seconds, from 90 seconds
  • Health Regeneration and Mana Regeneration multiplier effects now stack properly with Out of Combat Regeneration (resulting in slightly higher total regen in some cases)
  • Musical stingers on death, revive, and tower destruction are no longer muted when the music is disabled
  • Updated PhysX on many environment props


  • Added a stun bar in the center of the screen to convey stun duration more clearly
  • Players can now Ctrl-Click a skill to print the remaining cooldown into team chat
  • A new option has been added: “Always show player names” which alleviates the need to press tab to see player names.
  • The stats and effects on enemy crafted items can now be seen
  • New cursors have been added for mousing over ally and enemy units. These changes were made to avoid losing track of your cursor in combat.
  • A new loading screen appears for players during their first few games.
  • Many subtle UI tweaks to the launcher and in-game shop have been made



  • Increased base Health Regen to 4.11-8.17 from 3.08-6.16
This change is aimed at increasing Shank’s sustainability in the laning phase, while having a minimal impact on the late game.


Archmage's Ring

  • No longer has a 200ms cast time

Healing Rod

  • Increased Heal to 100 from 95
  • Now starts with max charges on purchase
Healing Rod takes roughly 90 seconds to charge, so allowing it to start with full charges essentially allows you to acquire the item 90 seconds earlier.


  • Magic armor is now blue and armor is now red, everywhere in the UI. The colors were backwards in some locations.
  • Fixes to restoring cloud settings
  • Barrier Token properly no longer activates from Indirect damage
  • Fixed issues with leaver strikes appearing to remain on an account past the intended amount of time
  • The replay controls now properly jump forward and backward by 5 seconds, rather than to the start and end
  • Fixed issues with Trixie’s Aether Beam being cancelled when using the courier
  • Crafted Item names no longer run outside of the item container
  • Further improved map collision
  • Many more tooltips have been updated for consistency
  • Fixed “video jitter” in Caprice’s Story
  • Bots should no longer purchase Dragon Shield (a retired item)
  • Fixed an issue with Hale’s first skill granting tons of vision
  • Fixed an issue with Rocket Boots allowing other skills to be cast mid-use
  • Fixed an issue with link effects not playing when hitting Lady Tinder’s plant

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