Regeneration ChangesEdit

  • Mana Regeneration from items has been lowered slightly
  • Base Mana Regeneration on heroes has been normalized from level 1 to level 15 slightly, this will result in slightly higher Mana Regeneration at the start of the game
    • Range from 2.96(+0.09) to 3.25(+0.07)
    • Melee from 2.64(+0.08) to 2.9 (+0.06)
These changes are made to discourage purchasing too much Mana in the early game and to promote more all-in engagements.
  • Max Health now provides 25% less Health Regeneration while out of combat
  • Purchased Health Regeneration now provides 40% more bonus Health Regeneration while out of combat
These changes are aimed at improving the viability of Health Regeneration.

Neutrals, Environment, and ObjectivesEdit

  • Crux
    • Lowered base Health by 20%
    • Lowered damage by 9%
    • Increased base Shield by 8%
    • Damage now increases by 27% from 20 to 45 minutes
    • Health now increases by 33% from 20 to 45 minutes
    • Shield now increases by 33% from 20 to 45 minutes (down from 100%)
These changes make the Crux slightly easier to kill earlier and feel more consistent throughout the game. Before the Crux dealt very little damage in the late game, but was too resilient to damage.


You’ll see several skill range reductions that were providing Heroes too large of an advantage for harassing without being in danger, resulting in less action.
  • Ace
    • Frostbite: Increased damage reduction to 25/30/35/40 from 20/25/30/35
    • Frostbite: Decreased Mana cost to 50 from 70
  • Bastion
    • Zidek Charge: Range reduced by 90.
The skill will appear to be the same range as the indicator was incorrect before.
  • Blazer
    • Max Health increased by 5.9%
    • Health Regeneration increased by 6.7%
    • Ion Cannon: Reduced self slow to 20% from 30%
    • Ion Cannon: Updated the range to match the indicator
    • Hunter Mode: Increased the duration to 15/20/25 from 10/15/20
    • Hunter Mode: Now reveals Blazer upon cast start of her skills, rather than when the skills actually go off
These changes are usability tweaks to Blazer. The reduction in slow makes the skill significantly easier to use.
  • Bo
    • Bo Throw: Range reduced by 135
      • The skill will appear to be the same range as the indicator was incorrect before.'
    • Healing Totem no longer puts you in combat
      • Healing Totem was tweaked because the loss of out-of-combat regeneration made the skill feel underwhelming.
  • Caprice
    • Anchors Aweigh: Increased stun time to 0.9/1.1/1.3/1.5 from 0.7/0.9/1.1/1.3
    • Quick Draw: Cooldown to 30/25/20 from 40/35/30
    • Quick Draw: Damage to 90/120/150 from 100/130/135
We want Caprice’s stun to be more consistent with other stuns in the game. In addition, we want Caprice’s high access to mobility to be a core element of her gameplay.
  • Carter
    • Ring of Fire: Decreased mana cost to 30/35/40/45 from 40/45/50/55
    • Ring of Fire: Increased damage per second to 30/40/50/60 from 25/35/45/55
  • Claudessa
    • Scale Shield: Now gives 6/9/12/15 armor & magic armor. No longer gives percentage based damage reduction
    • Scorched Earth: Now lasts 8 seconds. Deals damage over 8 seconds, down from 10
These changes will allow Claudessa’s support and damage capabilities to be slightly stronger while lowering her peak tank capabilities.
  • Fetterstone
    • Splinter Shield: Modified shield amount to 12/16/20/24 from 14/16/18/20 percent of max Health
    • Splinter Shield: Increased damage amount to 105/140/175/210 from 95/130/165/200
    • Explosive Rounds: Fixed a bug that would allow Fetterstone to get 9 shots off at really high attack speeds
  • Lady Tinder
    • Tinder Touch: Bounce range for healing increased to 575 from 450
We didn’t like how healing an ally could result in the skill not bouncing back to Lady Tinder when there are no other allies nearby.
  • Malady
    • Whirlwind: Increased cast time to 0.3 seconds from 0.2 seconds. Increased speed to compensate
    • Bug Fix: Whirlwind’s visual effects now correctly match the speed of the stun
    • Golden Gate: Decreased cooldown to 30/22/16/12 from 30/25/20/15
  • Ray
    • Death Ray: Improved the line effect drawn on the ground before the skill hits
  • Trixie
    • Pot Shot: First bounce range reduced to 625 from 700
    • Aether Beam: Reduce splash damage to 40% from 50%
    • Croaking Curse: AoE indicator now shows a green circle for allies
  • Vermillion
    • Rocket Jump: Fixed a bug where Vermillion could continue attacking while in the air


  • Crystalline Shiv
    • Bug Fix: Mana Regeneration will now properly benefit from out of combat bonus
  • Shadowveil
    • Cancels stealth on cast start of other skills, rather than when the skills actually go off
Gives a little more warning/lead time when someone tries to engage from stealth.


  • Razer
    • Cancels stealth on cast start of other skills, rather than when the skills actually go off
    • Stealth will work properly when Harrower is in Grendlefang form


    • Claudessa no longer occasionally sound spams on death
    • Fitz’s DOT is now properly flagged as a DOT and will disable potions
    • Fixed several states that were showing that shouldn’t have been
    • Fixed issue where Hale could break Shank’s Manacle using his Q
    • Fixed issue where Harrower would not get bonus stats from leveling up ult while in melee form

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