New FeaturesEdit

Twitch Support

Players can now enter their Twitch username and password to easily begin streaming Strife! Currently, this feature is only enabled for DirectX 9 users.

Pet Skins

Adult and baby forms of many pets are now available!


  • Neutral experience reduced by 15%
  • Brawler experience reduced by 20%
  • Heroes that are alive now gain a trickle of experience each second, added to an invisible uncapped pool. This pool of experience will cause other experience gained to be increased (up to double), until depleted.
  • Dual-lanes no longer gain 10% bonus experience (although the trickle more than makes up for it)
This new experience system is being added to incentivize roaming and ganking. While the reward for ganking is in a decent spot, the risk of failing a gank is currently high. This change guarantees 20% of the lane experience while roaming around the map. Dual lanes and junglers will level slightly faster, while solo laners will level at roughly the same speed.


  • A new play screen has been added for improved navigation!
  • The pet screen has been updated significantly
  • The hero progress screen has been updated
  • Ability cooldown tooltips now update with purchased cooldown reduction items
  • Crafted items of the same base recipe are now consolidated in the shop. The game will remember which version you prefer for each hero, although you can still access the other variations.
  • Many new item acquisition lines have been added
  • New option added: Chat time stamps. This causes a message sent time to be displayed next to messages.
  • New option added: Attack on Left-Click. This causes a left click to issue an attack move command.
  • New option added: Reverse camera pan. This causes holding the middle mouse button to pan the camera in the opposite direction.
  • New modifier added: Focus Mode. This modifier prevents non-hero units from being selected for targeted abilities (avoiding misclicked non-hero targets) and forces direct pathing (avoiding misclicking over walls or situations where the shortest path is not the intended path).
  • Vietnamese is now supported

Neutrals, Environment, and BossesEdit


  • Now respawns after 6 minutes, down from 7 minutes.


Captain's Crest

  • Increased Recipe cost to 650 from 550
  • Decreased Aura Armor/Magic Armor to 15, from 20
  • Decreased range of Aura to 800 from 1200
  • Focus Enchant: Now costs 100 gold, up from 0
There has been significant talk about the frustrating nature of the current state of Captain's Crest. We plan to redesign this item considerably, but such a change would require significant internal testing. We will be implementing a numerical change for now. We hope this will improve the quality of your matches until we can implement a more robust change.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Attack damage and move speed of enemies is no longer displayed as 0
  • Pinging an allied tower now properly plays a sound
  • Quick-cast actions can no longer be queued. This prevents issues with people using shift hotkeys for quick-cast skills.
  • Fixed large issues with certain graphics options combinations causing the game to take a very long time to load
  • Fix minor issue with crafting guide glows
  • Fix issue where you couldn’t remove a friend who hadn’t accepted the request yet
  • Fix issue in IMs where the other players name would be blank
  • Fix several issues with linked hero builds
  • Fixed several issues with build editor
  • Many sounds have been compressed significantly

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