Note: This patch is also unusually large. A large portion of the game will be re-downloaded and optimized.

KEEP IN MIND: We may be bringing servers down intermittently to address any issues as this was a LARGE feature patch. Hang in there for any speed bumps guys and gals!

We have a ton of new features in this patch from UI Changes, graphical enhancements, audio translations, bot match rewards, and we sprinkled in some balance changes!

If you missed our announcement on Closed Beta Rewards check them out here

New ContentEdit

  • New Features
    • Bot Match Rewards: Queuing for bot matches will now provide rewards.
    • Anti-Abuse Mechanisms: Players who continuously play short games will receive reduced match rewards.
    • Dynamic Pings: Pinging a tower, generator, Crux, or player will now cause the hero to speak. This is not the final version of the ping system; we will continue improving the system in future patches.
    • How-To Videos: Players can now access How-To videos for several heroes within the Watch menu!
    • Account Boost: Players can now purchase a lifetime account boost. This boost will increase the rate in which you gain account experience by 50%, allowing you to unlock pets, crafted items, and higher level content more quickly!
    • LAN Center Boost: Players that play from approved LAN Centers will gain account bonuses such as increased commodity rewards and access to pets for free. These benefits are only available while at the LAN Center.
    • Apex and Fur Effects: Players with supporting Nvidia graphics cards will now have the option to enable Apex particle effects and animated fur! You must have Direct X11 enabled.
    • TXAA Support: Players with supporting Nvidia graphics cards may now enable TXAA for improved edge rendering. You must have Direct X11 enabled.
  • New Gear Set
    • Carter: New Premium Gear Set - Treadheadz Carter


  • Bots will now behave more intelligently when attempting to attack the enemy Crux.
  • The player termination timer has been raised to 8 minutes. Players will begin receiving a missing player's gold after 2 minutes. Their net worth will still be distributed after termination.
  • The first leaver strike is now a 30 minute penalty, down from 1 hour. Added higher penalties for repeat leavers.
  • Significant improvements have been made to pathing. No more running in strange directions!
  • Players can now walk through allied brawlers
This change is being made to avoid frustrating situations where players get stuck between ally and enemy brawlers.
  • Art and Sound
    • Text and vocal translations are now available for Portuguese, Thai, and Russian.
    • Many refinements have been made to the map visuals, especially the mine region
    • The brush in each zone has had its color updated to match the surroundings
    • Crux death effects have been added!
    • Sound files have been compressed significantly
  • User Interface
    • Players can now see their leaver status within their account profile
    • Many hero preview animations have been updated
    • Add a repair installation option to the support screen
    • Players can now enable All-Chat in custom games. Matchmaking games continue to disallow all-chat.
    • All chat has been removed at the end of the game. Instead, players may now use one of one of a couple of emotes. More emotes will be added in the future.
    • Players will now see a feature unlock screen upon unlocking crafting, ranked play, and more
    • The UI will now occasionally introduce you to new features that you may not have explored
    • Pets and heroes have new selection frames
    • Selecting a new language will prompt you to download a language pack, if available.
    • Spectating now properly displays item information for crafted items
    • The cooldown on activatable items is now displayed
    • Many new unlockable account icons have been added
    • How-To videos have been added to the client
    • After playing a game, your previous hero build will be saved temporarily. You can use this build next game or save it permanently.
    • Pre-loading item builds is now defaulted to on
    • In-game pet tooltips now show detailed tooltips, rather than simple tooltips.
    • The skill-up menu now shows details about what is improved with rank


  • Harrower
    • Spirit Companion: The cast range has been lowered to 1200 from 1500
    • Spirit Companion: The wolf will now only attack the same target consecutively if there are no other targets around
    • Spirit Companion: Damage to 45/70/95/120 from 60/80/100/120, consecutive hits now deal 33% damage, down from 45%.
    • Spirit Companion: Slow changed to 20/24/28/32% from 25%
We are re-purposing Harrower's companion to be more about the slow and less about the damage. In addition, by decreasing the range and guaranteeing that the companion will bounce, we are improving the counter-play around the skill. We are still investigating additional reworks to this skill.
  • Vermillion
    • Cheese Shot: Slow duration reduced to 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds from 2/2.75/3.5/4.25

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a bug with potions sometimes causing the courier to get stuck
  • Fixed an issue with Ray's mines that allowed them to be seen through fog when placed

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