New HeroEdit

With this patch, our newest hero Chester will be joining the Trials. Chester is a brilliant but smug court jester from the plane of Nestra, and harbors a secret ambition to ascend the throne. Chester specializes in tactical maneuvers both politically and on the battlefield, and boasts an array of buffs for allies and area control abilities. If you enjoy providing endless utility for your team while simultaneously dishing out tons of damage, Chester is the jester for you.
  • March On (Q): Sends a line of 4 knights in a target direction. Each knights explode on contact, dealing damage and slowing in an area.
  • Blitz (W): Target ally to grant them maximum movespeed and slow immunity for 2 seconds. Enemies they pass through take significant damage.
  • Mimic (E): Target an enemy hero to create an illusion of them. The illusion deals a percentage of their damage, and explodes on death dealing huge damage.
  • King Me! (R): Target ally to grant them 40% damage reduction and create a link between the two of you. For the duration of the buff, the link deals massive damage to enemies caught between you two.

New Hero GearsetEdit

  • Monster Hunter Claudessa gearset is now available.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Guardian Bo gearset now properly plays W spin effect
  • Ace, Zaku, and Jin She ultimates now scale with blessed orb
  • Crash regarding pinging while loading
  • Disconnected players should move to their starting location, instead of a random one
  • Alternate Pet icons show on loading screen now
  • Base attack damage and attack speed now transfers correctly to illusions (GoKong and Chester)

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