Gem Cost ChangesEdit

  • The gem cost for crafting and pet unlocking has been lowered. We plan to experiment with various gem costs for different products over time. This could represent a permanent change, but ultimately we are experimenting to see what works best for our players. These changes affect purchases from this point forward and are not retroactive.
    • Crafted Items Gem cost reduced from 80 to 50
    • Advanced Pets Gem cost reduced from 200 to 140
    • Starter Pets Gem cost reduced from 80 to 50

Crafting ChangesEdit

  • Salvaging a crafted item will now grant more Elixir, increased from 60 to 180

Player feedback has been clear and we have increased the amount received from Salvaging your crafted items to encourage experimentation with the crafting system.


You will notice some changes to how several abilities interact with towers. These changes were made based on community feedback to unify how abilities interact with towers and make things less confusing.
  • Ace
    • Frostbite (E): Will now only trigger in response to damage from heroes, rather than all sources of damage
  • Fetterstone
    • Splinter Shield (W): Will now cause tower aggro when damaging an enemy hero
  • Hale
    • Earthquake (R): Cooldown reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds across all levels
  • Harrower
    • Spirit Companion (W): Will now cause tower aggro when damaging an enemy hero
  • Gokong
    • Wheel Strike (Q): Damage lowered from 20/45/70/95 to 20/40/60/80
    • Rabbit Vault (W): Damage lowered from 65/100/135/170 to 65/95/125/155
  • Nikolai
    • Piledriver (R): Changes have been implemented that will make landing this ability a bit more reliable.
    • Piledriver (R): Cast indicator corrected to not be wider than it’s actual hit radius
  • Ray
    • Burrow Bots (Q): Will now cause tower aggro
    • Shock Field (W): Level 2 tooltip corrected to properly display the stun duration (from 0.1 seconds to 1 second)
  • Trixie
    • Aether Beam (E): Cannot be cancelled in the first 0.25 seconds of casting the ability.
This prevents double tapping hotkey from insta-canceling the ability.


  • Everwinter Charm
    • Now properly tagged as a slow, and will be affected by crowd control reduction
  • Thundercaller
    • Lightning damage increased from 45 to 60.
    • Damage multiplier against creeps decreased from 2.0x to 1.5x.
Damage against creeps/neutrals will feel the same, damage against heroes has been increased for the item.
  • Seer's Eye
    • Instead of 100 Mana, Seer’s Eye now Grants 175 Health .
This is a net-increase in the gold efficiency of the stats being provided.


  • Bounder
    • Frostbite (Triggered Ability): Now properly tagged as a slow, and will be affected by crowd control reduction

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