New FeaturesEdit

Matchmaking: Scrimmage Mode and Captain’s Mode -Take your game to the next level. Make your own 5 man team and challenge other full teams to battle in the Strife arena! This option is available to select on the Matchmaking tab. Check out the video preview here! This competitive feature will be receiving improvements as time moves on. We look forward to your feedback!

Matchmaking: Standard Matchmaking Rating -Your Matchmaking Rating (previously hidden) is now visible on: the pre match screen next to mastery (per hero rating), your profile next to mastery, the player card (per account rating), the post game screen. This rating begins at 1500. This rating is visible only to yourself. We know players are looking for a way to actively track their progress and we have introduced this feature to remedy that and help players set goals.

New Gear SetsEdit

  • Bo
    • Guardian Gear Set
  • Hale
    • Nomad Gear Set

New DyesEdit

We added tons of new dyes. Some of our heroes have donned costumes to celebrate the Halloween season! We have no current plans to restrict these “Spooky” dyes to the season or holiday.

  • Caprice
    • Original Gear Set: Spooky Dye added
  • Hale
    • Original Gear Set: Spooky Dye added
  • Moxie
    • Original Gear Set: Spooky Dye added
  • Shank
    • Original Gear Set: Spooky Dye added
  • Bo
    • Guardian Gear Set: Black, Green, Red, and Purple Dyes added
  • Hale
    • Nomad Gear Set: Yellow and Blue, Black, Pink, and Red Dyes added
  • Nikolai
    • Original Gear Set: Black, Green, and Blue Dyes added
  • Jin She
    • Original Gear Set: Green, Pink, and Purple Dyes added
  • Ray
    • Inspector Gear Set: Black, Green, and Pink Dyes added


We’ve had a winner of the Top Tier prize and made updates to the Refer-a-Friend program to reflect new prizing. Refer 1,000 friends who play 5 games and earn a special signed swag pack. Rewards for each referral have also been changed. Visit our Refer-a-Friend page to learn more!


  • Gokong
    • Wheel Strike (Q):
      • Bonus damage reduced from 20/40/60/80 to 15/30/45/60
      • Mana cost increased from 90 to 95
      • Stun time reduced from 700ms to 400ms
    • Rabbit Vault (W):
      • Cooldown increased from 15s to 18s
      • Damage reduced from 65/95/125/155 to 65/90/115/140
    • Crane Stance (E):
      • Bonus damage reduced from 5/15/25/35 to 4/12/20/28
      • Duration increased from 6 seconds to 7 seconds
    • Monkey Multiplier (R):
      • Range reduced from 2000 to 1500
      • Image travel speed reduced from 1100 to 900
      • Image damage reduced from 25/35/45% to 20/30/40%
Gokong’s burst damage capabilities were too high and needed to be reduced. The crowd-control Wheel Strike offered in addition to its damage was too strong and has been toned down significantly. While Monkey Multiplier is a fun skill to use, the range and speed made it hard to play around. The reduction in range / speed in combination with a reduction his burst damage should make playing against a skilled Gokong much more manageable.
  • Nikolai
    • Reduced Nikolai’s base attack damage as well as the attack damage gained each level by about 15%
    • Fixed bug which allowed enemies to cast spells during ultimate
    • Earthen Slam (W): Projectile speed increased from 900 to 1000
    • Piledriver (R): Damage reduced from 210/280/350 to 195/260/325
Nikolai was simply dealing too much damage for the tankiness and utility he brings to the table. This should bring him closer in line with other heroes.

Bosses, Neutrals, and ObjectivesEdit

  • Brawlers
    • Now spawn gradually and single file rather than all at once

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed Out Of Combat regeneration and Elixir effects that weren’t playing correctly on various hero gearsets
  • Fixed cases of ability indicators not matching the actual ability size
  • You may longer end up with recipes without components in your inventory
  • Players will no longer leave their pets behind when terminated from the game
  • Bookmarks should register properly while purchasing multiple items, which should fix instances where your bookmarked items would be purchased but no longer progress
  • The camera will no longer move to nothing when clicking on a hero that is currently out of your vision
  • Links that come from Twitch chat will now properly display in Strife chat rooms
  • Additional functionality was added to make copying and pasting from Strife chat channels more reliable
  • The F4 key is now able to be successfully bound

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