Excels at

boosting defensive capabilities

Tink excels in defensive abilities that help heroes hold down towers when outnumbered. He also offers powerful anti-crowd control and regeneration effects. Heroes who struggle defending towers will benefit immensely from having Tink at their side.[1]


Enhanced Defenses
Cooldown:2270/180/180 seconds
Enhanced Defenses Applies a buff to target allied tower which grants it temporary bonus 35/35/50 damage and 100% splash damage in 300 radius. Lasts for 7? shots. (need ingame testing)

Kills the tower earns will be credited to you.

Brace for Impact
Cooldown:60/40/40 seconds
Brace for Impact Upon getting stunned/slowed, gain 30%/30/50% Crowd Control reduction for 3 seconds
Augmented Repairs
Augmented Repairs Passively improves the bonus from Out of Combat Regeneration by 37.5/55/75%

Pet SkinsEdit

Tink1 Tink3



  1. Strife Open Beta Patch 0.4.7 Changelog, S2 Games. Accessed on 2014-11-12

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