Lyrie Lyrie
Health 678(+46.64)
Health Regen 2.02(+0.14)
Mana 240(+10)
Mana Regen 2.96(+0.09)
Damage 54(+2.5)
Attack Speed 1
Armor 10 (+1.5)
Magic Armor 10 (+1.5)
Movement Speed 330
Attack Range 500
Turn Rate 900

Trixie, Maverick Mage is a long range magic damage hero.


Born into a coven of witches that inhabited the Western Swamps of Lyrie to avoid persecution at the hands of the Osirian Navy, Trixie exhibited an exceptional affinity for magic from birth. Tragically, her traditional training was cut short when a surprise raid by the Osirian Navy led to the coven’s lair being set alight with all of them trapped inside. Trixie, who had been experimenting with spells she shouldn’t have been near by, managed to avoid that terrible fate by riding away on the hobby horse broom - named Tempest - that her mother had made to keep her occupied. Alone, distraught, and scared, Trixie happened upon a lone Rafink gunslinger who was laying low in jungle. The two struck up a friendship born of their shared hatred of the occupiers from Gael and under the Rafink’s tutelage, Trixie learned the skills that would earn her the title of “fastest wand in the West(ern Swamps)” and pave her path to the Trials of Strife.[1]

Gameplay Edit

Trixie is played as a long range, high damage dealing hero. Building her correctly and with the right amount of farm and leveling, can lead to her carrying her team with her to victory.


Pot Shot Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown: 9 seconds Range: 625 Radius: 260 
Pot Shot
Target location to launch cauldron which deals 75/100/125/150 Magic damage and applies a minor slow. On impact, the cauldron bounces - dealing damage again upon impact.

Heroes who get hit more than once take 60% damage on successive hits.

Barrel Roll Mana Cost: 70 Cooldown: 22/18/15/12 seconds Range: 500 
Barrel Roll
Target direction to dash, removing all slows and applying a 90/120/150/180 Shield for 4 seconds.

You may use this ability while Aether Beam is active.

Aether Beam Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown: 14 seconds Range: 1000 Radius: 150 
Aether Beam
Target direction to begin firing a powerful beam of energy. Beam impacts the first enemy hit, dealing 65/85/105/125 Magic Damage/sec for 5 seconds. Enemies near target take 25% damage.

While shooting beam, Trixie can move, but cannot attack. Cannot be cancelled in the first 0.25 seconds of casting the ability.

Croaking Curse Mana Cost: 100/110/120 Cooldown: 120 seconds Range: 700 Radius: 350 
Croaking Curse
Target location. After a 0.9s delay, turn all enemies into frogs for 2/2.5/3 seconds, slowing them by 35% and removing their ability to attack/use abilities. Reduces targets' Magic Armor by 20/30/40 while hexed


  • Patch 0.4.5
    • Aether Beam (E): Cannot be cancelled in the first 0.25 seconds of casting the ability.
  • Patch 0.4.0
    • Barrel Roll: Cooldown increased to 22/18/15/12 seconds from 22/16/12/9
    • Barrel Roll: Mana cost increased to 70 from 60
    • Aether Beam: Splash radius reduced to 150 from 250
    • Aether Beam: Splash damage reduced to 25% from 40%
    • Aether Beam: Range reduced to 1000 from 1200
    • Aether Beam: Damage increased to 65/85/105/125 damage per second from 55/75/95/115
    • Croaking Curse: Duration increased to 2/2.5/3 seconds from 1.75/2.25/2.75
    • Croaking Curse: Now reduces targets' Magic Armor by 20/30/40 while hexed
  • Patch 0.2.44
    • Pot Shot: First bounce range reduced to 625 from 700
    • Aether Beam: Reduce splash damage to 40% from 50%
    • Croaking Curse: AoE indicator now shows a green circle for allies
  • Patch 0.2.36
    • Hero introduced


  1. 2014, Trixie, S2 Games. Accessed on 2014-06-08
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